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Leema Acoustics - Tucana mkII Amplifier

  from £3595.00

The Leema Tucana was the first Leema amplifier and upon release created a storm in the marketplace, winning several major hi-fi awards and firmly placing Leema Acoustics on the audiophile map. New for 2009, and as a result of new technologies and production practices developed for the staggering Leema Reference Series Altair IV, the Tucana II is an even more accomplished performer than its multi-award winning predecessor. Improved dynamic range, resolution of fine detail, and remarkable clarity help the Tucana II present music with life-like verve into even the most fussy of today's audiophile speakers.  

The groundbreaking dual mono design uses three heavy-duty toroidal power transformers, one for each channel and one for the control circuitry. This coupled with a highly refined bi-polar output stage which can deliver over fifty amps to each channel, ensures that music is delivered with a vice-like grip and precise control of the loudspeakers. 

In addition to the significant improvement in sound quality, the Tucana II benefits from direct input selection, an MP3 input, a balanced input, a headphone output, a balance control and adjustable input gain, all of which were developed for the Reference Series Pyxis. The Tucana II is a significant upgrade over the original Tucana, both in facilities and in performance.

The Tucana II is also the system controller for the unique and expandable Constellation Series system. It is able to talk to other components using LIPS. This enables the Tucana II to automatically and intelligently configure other devices into a multi-unit home cinema system of uncompromised audiophile quality. 

When a stereo input is selected on the Tucana II, any external products will remain on standby, but when a multi channel input is selected, the Tucana II sends commands, via LIPS, to connected equipment such as Hydra and Corvus, powering them up and selecting the appropriate multi-channel input as well as controlling their volume so that they exactly mirror the setting of the Tucana II. In this way a totally purist, surround sound system can be assembled, with absolutely no compromise compared to the award-winning audiophile stereo performance.


Type: 2 channel -  dual mono - intrgrated

Analogue Inputs: CD - Tuner - AV - Tape - Aux - XLR Balanced

Analogue Outputs: Speakers - PreAmp Out - Tape Out

Output per Channel: 150 watts (8 ohms) - 285 watts (4 ohms)

Minimum Load Impedance: 2 ohms

Remote Contol: YES

Dimensions: (WxHxD) 440 x 110 x 320 mm

Weight: 18 kgs

Silver or Black finish available

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