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Leema Acoustics - Hydra mkII Power Amplifier

  from £3595.00

Borrowing heavily from developments pioneered in the Leema Reference Series Altair IV mono power amplifiers, the Hydra II is not only notably more accomplished than its predecessor, this technological chameleon is uniquely able to act in a multitude of roles, always creating a life-like sound stage and maintaining the colour, texture and timbre of the original performance.

Exceptional dynamic range, resolution of exquisitely fine detail and remarkable clarity allow the Hydra II to deliver music with life-like verve, even when driving the most demanding of audiophile speakers. This exceptional design uses two massive torodial power transformers: one for each channel, together with a third transformer for the control circuitry. The highly refined output stage features a very low output impedance. This, coupled with a high current capability ensures vice-like grip and precise control of the loudspeakers, even at very high levels.

Leema's Intelligent Protocol System, LIPS allows the Hydra II to act alongside the multiple award-winning Tucana II. For example: the Hydra II could drive the surround channels in an extremely high-performance multi-channel system. LIPS also allows the Hydra II to perform as a slave to the Tucana II in a bi-amp or even tri-amp set-up, providing a substantial upgrade in performance over that of the Tucana II on its own. By far the most outstanding role that the Hydra II can perform is in a pre / power combination with the Reference Series Pyxis pre-amplifier. 

The Pyxis can be configured to send a full level audio signal to the Hydra II at all times; with the volume and balance being adjusted within the Hydra II using the LIPS control signals from the Pyxis. This Leema-developed system gives superior performance by minimising the effect of induced signals within the interconnect cables, further enhancing the already outstanding abilities of the amplifier. Of course the Hydra II can also be configured as a standard fixed gain power amplifier for use with conventional pre-amplifiers from other manufacturers. When used with the Leema Antila CD player, the Hydra II can even perform as a three source amplifier; the volume setting and input selection being controlled within the Hydra II via LIPS and adjusted using the Antila's remote control.

In addition, rear panel switches on the Hydra II select use as either a stereo amplifier, a left or right channel mono amplifier, or even as a two channel amplifier designated for left or right channel use. In this mode the system is acting as a bi-amped set-up in which the amplifiers can be placed behind the speakers allowing short speaker cable runs. When acting as a mono amplifier, the Hydra II provides even more power, increased agility and the ability to drive virtually and loudspeaker on the market to realistic volume levels.


Type: Bridgeable Stereo Power Amplifer

Output per Channel: 160 watts (8 ohms stereo) -  270 watts (4 ohms stereo) - 390 watts (2 ohms stereo)

Output per Channel: 540 watts (8 ohms bridged mono) -  785 watts (4 ohms bridged mono)

Minimum Load Impedance: 2 ohms (stereo) - 4 ohms (mono)

Dimensions: (WxHxD) 440 x 110 x 320 mm

Weight: 18 kgs

Silver or Black finish available

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