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Pathos Acoustics - InControl

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The InControl project started exactly with this goal: to provide the InPower monoblocks with a control unit that was able to allow them to deliver all their impressive potential. A goal not easily achieved: the research and development required two years of lengthy study and hard work. Fortunately though, as is custom at Pathos, the end result is one of excellence.

InControl is a two stage preamplifier entirely and intrinsically balanced, operating in pure Class A. It has been developed according to all the traditional Pathos guidelines: tube tension amplification, solid state current amplification, well dimensioned power supplies and the highest quality selected components. The amplification stage is obtained with a double triode in balanced configuration, while the output buffer is de signed with extremely low noise components, for a sonic result which favours musicality, transparency and naturalness.

In order to achieve maximum performance, all the single power supplies are obtained by means of single stabilized shielded power suppliers installed in a separate unit. The volume control - which can be adjusted both by dialing the knob and via the hand :rafted solid wood remote control - is of the highest sophistication: it acts in 1dB steps by means of an optical device which drives a battery of relais (vacuum packed, with thorium contacts), which drive a network of precision resistors (1%,
metal layer). In a word, accuracy at its finest.


Type: Pure Class A - 2 Stage Pre-Amplifier

Inputs: 4 x RCA line - 1 x XLR Balanced line

Outputs: 2 x RCA - 1 x XLR Balanced

Feedback: Zero

Frequency response: 5Hz - 60kHz (+0.3dB)

S/N ratio: 100dB

Input impedance: 100 kohm

Dimensions: (WxHxD) 25 + 25 x 12 x 44 cms

Weight: 18 kgs


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