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Thorens - TD 2010/BC

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The new Thorens Acrylic Series looks as though it comes straight out of the future: transparent, gleaming, and flawless. A work of art. The Acrylic Series continues our 100-year tradition of turntable construction. It combines our great experience with the latest manufacturing techniques to offer you outstanding performance and a unique design.

The absorption properties of the 1" thick polished acrylic chassis are already very good, but are further enhanced by solid, shock-absorbing feet. The 9 lb alloy platter is driven by a precision ground belt and backed with vibration dampening material.

Thorens TD2010 subchassis turntable,without an arm.
Thorens TD2010 subchassis turntable,with TP250 arm, no cartridge.
Thorens TD2010 subchassis turntable,with TPA300 arm, no cartridge.
Thorens TD2010 subchassis turntable,with SME M2-9 arm, no cartridge.
Thorens TD2010 subchassis turntable,with SME 309 arm, no cartridge.
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