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Unison Research - Unico Series - Unico Secondo

  from £1875.00

As a successor of such a prestigious model, the Unico Secondo benefits from the design and production experience gained over the years with the hybrid amplifiers of the Unico series. The circuit has been completely renovated, keeping the successful solutions of the preceding model and improving some crucial elements.

The power supply circuits have been optimized: the efficiency of the system has been improved through the addition of a secondary winding in the power supply transformer, thus reducing the power dissipation and increasing the reliability. The power stage current distribution system, with an optimized design, combines a correct space allocation for all the critical parts with easiness of assembly and service.

The preamplifier and driver stage is derived from those of the renowned models Unico SE e Unico 200, and it has been refined through an in depth analysis and several measurements executed in our laboratories (which recently have enriched their set up with leading test devices such as Audio Precision and last generation Tektronix oscilloscopes) and long listening sessions.

The Unico Secondo has undergone a careful restyling, but it hasnít lost the distinctive elements of the Unico series so appreciated all over the world. The front panel is higher, like that of the Unico SE, sides and top leave the black iron plates for a brushed anodized aluminium cover, which gives the amplifier a new winning look, closer to the current aesthetic trends.

Silver or Black finish available

Optional MM/MC phono stage available (125)

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